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Q: How many players have recorded of scoring two triple centuries in world test cricket?
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What is in a century?

scoring 100 runs is a century in cricket. its recorded as a landmark. sachin tendulkar has most centuries in cricket(100).

What is a century in cricket?

scoring 100 runs is a century in cricket. its recorded as a landmark. sachin tendulkar has most centuries in cricket(100).

Who is the second man scoring maximum centuries in first class cricket?

Ricky ponting

Effects on test cricket because of on day cricket?

The effects of limited overs cricket has gradually had an effect on the scoring rates of Test cricket. Players are becoming more adept at scoring faster due to the need to improvise in ODI's. The effect has made Test cricket more exciting as it adds faster scoring while also less matches ending in a draw.

Which cricketer holds the record of scoring the highest number of double centuries in test cricket?

Don Bradman

Who has the record of scoring second highest numbers of centuries in one day international cricket?

Ricky Ponting, Australian captain

What is the formula of ranking a cricket player?

the cricket players are ranked according to their every match performance they get points for taking wickets and scoring runs but offcourse u will get more points playing against stronger opposition

Is it out hitting the wicket after scoring a six in cricket?

Yes, it is out hitting the wicket after scoring a six in cricket because the batsman hit the wicket.

What is badminton scoring?

badminton is scoring points like in tennis or like in cricket

Cricket scoring system?

Scoring in cricket is done by the amount of runs scored and the wickets that are lost. There is one scorer per game. The points scored in a game is determined by an umpire.

Who scored first test century for sri lanka?

Sri Lanka's first century in Test cricket came in a 1981-82 Test match against Pakistan on March 14-19, 1982, opener Sidath Wettimuny scoring 157 runs, his first of two centuries in Test cricket.

What are two to four offensive players responsible for scoring goals called?

The offensive players responsivle for scoring goals are called strikers or forwards.

Who was lowest scoring batsman in 2011 cricket worl cup?

No one keeps the information about the lowest scoring batsman,everyone keeps the record of highest scoring batsman who was Dilshan.

How do you win cricket?

By scoring more runs than the opposition.

Why is it called a duck in cricket?

The batsman do not scoring out is called duck

Was Dennis rodman ever a scoring champ?

No, Dennis Rodman was never a scoring champ. Although he did do a good job scoring in his time, he was never a scoring champ. There were other players more inclined to scoring.

Where is a list of the highest scoring nfl players by season?

Click on the 'NFL Scoring Leaders by Season' and 'NFL Touchdown Leaders by Season' links below to see the players that led the NFL in scoring and touchdowns in each NFL season.

Highest run in one day cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary Indian Batsmen has highest number of runs in One Day cricket. During his 22 years long career he scored 18,426 runs including 49 centuries including the first ever double century in One Day cricket. However, his former teammate Virender Sehwag has the honor of scoring the highest individual score of 219.

What in a cricket means a batsman is out without scoring?

if a batsman is out without scoring, then it is called a DUCK.... and if he is out on the 1st ball that he faced then it is called as a GOLDEN DUCK..

What ball sport has a duck?

cricket. For getting out without scoring a run.

How many balls faced in test cricket without scoring?


Do footballers get more money for scoring?

At club level some players are on goal scoring bonuses, but at international level they are not.

What players are responsible for doing most of the scoring?


Who are the highest scoring soccer players?

Monica Pardou is the highest scoring soccer player. He is on the Brazilian national football team.

If a team scores with delayed penalty does the penalty get recorded?

No the penalty does not get recorded, it is washed out completely by the scoring of the goal.