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The top 25 players earn a pga card.

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Q: How many players from the Nationwide Tour earned their PGA Tour Card in 2005?
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Does the LPGA offer battlefield promotions for Futures Tour players like the PGA tour does for Nationwide Tour players?

No. In 1999 the LPGA established a new policy allowing the top three money winners of the Futures Tour to automatically get their LPGA "Exempt Status" tour card. There are not many events on the Futures Tour as the Nationwide Tour (19 in 2007)

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Is Tiger Woods the only PGA golfer that did not have to go to Q school?

No, plenty have players have got a tour card without going to Q School, Rory McIlroy for example, he won a European Tour card from finishing high enough up the money list in tournaments he received exemptions in, them qualified for a PGA tour card from his world rank. Some players play a year on the Nationwide tour in an attempt to finish in the top 25 and win a PGA Tour card.

How do you qualify for the PGA Tour?

Answer first you go to PGA qualifing school and then get your PGA card There are a few ways. You can go through Q school and the Nationwide tour or you can be highly ranked on the world money list/rankings like many European players who play in the states. You also qualify for a card if you play in the Ryder Cup. There are a few other quirky ways but finishing in the top 25 on the Nationwide Tour is the most common. Getting your card is one thing...keeping it another :)

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