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Currently there are 12 players from Temple in the NFL. They are:

  • OL Derek Dennis, Chicago Bears
  • DE Junior Galette, New Orleans Saints
  • DB Jaiquawn Jarret, New York Jets
  • DT Terrance Knighton, Denver Broncos
  • TE Steve Maneri, Chicago Bears
  • DT Andre Neblett, New England Patriots
  • RB Bernard Pierce, Baltimore Ravens
  • LB Adrian Robinson, Denver Broncos
  • DL Brian Sanford, Oakland Raiders
  • WR Rod Streater, Oakland Raiders
  • LB Tahir Whitehead, Detroit Lions
  • DE Muhammed Wilkerson, New York Jets

Update 10/12/13 - DT Andre Neblett was released by the New England Patriots. He is now a free agent.

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Q: How many players from Temple University are in the NFL?
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