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Q: How many active nfl players does Mississippi state university have?
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Which university has most active in NFL players?

The University of Miami, followed by Florida State University have the most active players in the NFL

How Many players from Ohio State University are currently active in the NFL?


Where is Mississippi Valley State University located?

Mississippi Valley State University is located in the state of Mississippi.

What are the 3 largest universities in the state of Mississippi according to attendance?

The largest universities in Mississippi are Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi, and University of Southern Mississippi.

How many colleges are there in Mississippi?

Delta State University Itawamba Community College Jackson State College Mississippi College Mississippi State University Mississippi University for Women Mississippi Valley State University Moorhead College Northeast Mississippi Community College Northwest Mississippi College University of Mississippi University of Southern Mississippi Rust College

What is the Mississippi State University mascot?

The mascot for Mississippi State University is a bulldog.

When was Mississippi State University created?

Mississippi State University was created in 1878.

What is the area of Mississippi State University?

The Mississippi State University campus in Starkville, Mississippi is 4200 acres.

Where is Mississippi University for Women located?

Mississippi University for Women is located in the state of Mississippi.

When was Mississippi Valley State University created?

Mississippi Valley State University was created in 1950.

What is Mississippi State University's motto?

The motto of Mississippi State University is 'Learning, Service, Research'.

What is the slogan of Mississippi state university?

The Mississippi State University school motto is ,"Be smart,Be cool,Be Positive,"

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