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4 players a goalie and three defensive men

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Q: How many players defend one half in lacross?
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How many players can be on a lacross e field?

20 maximum

How many players on a lacross team?

there are 12 players on the field at a time. there are four attackers, three midfielders, four defenders, and one goalie.

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More than half

How many people are a Lacross team?

in women's lacrosse there are 11 people on the field not including the goalie

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How many players are there in a hurling team?

There are 15 Players in total on a Team:1 Goal Keeper, 3 full backs, 3 Half backs, 2 Midfielders, 3 Half forwards and 3 full forwards

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Traditionally a scholastic bowl team consists of four players. However, alternates are allowed, and players can be swapped at a half point in the bowl, or between games; bringing the total number of players to eight.

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In a normal game of basketball, each team will have 5 players. This is most easily done when playing full court, but is still acceptable for half court play. However, half court matches are usually played when there are not 10 players present, so there can be anywhere from 2-10 people present to play half court basketball. The fact that this is a women's game does not make any difference.

How many people are involved in a scrum?

In the union code there are 8 forwards directly and 1 scrum half (18 players) & referee. In league it's 6 forwards and 1 scrum half (14 players) & referee.

How many soccer players can defend at one time?

Any number of players may defend or attack at any time, except at penalty kicks (for defensive DFK fouls in the 18-yard box) and kicks from the penalty mark (tiebreaker used in tournaments requiring a clear winner). During those kicks, only the goalkeeper may defend, just as only one attacker may kick. Therefore, your answer is eleven during any time in the game other than PK or KftM.

In rugby how many players are in back?

'The backs' are made up of: Scrum Half (No. 9), Fly Half (No. 10), Inside Centre (No. 12), Outside Centre (No. 13), Left Wing (No. 11), Right Wing (No. 14) and the Fullback (No. 15). Therefore there are 7 players in the backs.

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As many as you like, but in box lacrosse you have 30 seconds to score or shoot on the next before the ball possesion is turned to the other team.

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There are 5-7 players on the team. It lasts for two half's witch are 22 minutes long. There are no free kicks, only punting. A touchdown is 6 points.

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It takes 4 people to defend the goalies!!

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