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No usually the team has four defenders.

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Q: Are there three defenders for soccer?
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Are there any defenders the soccer field?


What are the three basic potitions in soccer?

there are four positions on a soccer field unless you are talking about peewee soccer. there is the goalie forward or striker, midfield, and the backs or defenders

What are defenders in soccer?

The four defenders stand in front of the goalkeeper. and prevent goals being scored. or steal the ball

How much do pro soccer defenders get paid?

That will depend on how good you are.

Who has the best defense in soccer by country?

Italy are the best defenders

Are there defenders in soccer who wear Adidas f50 soccer cleats?

YES!! The ADIDAS f50 cleats were made as soccer cleats therefore soccer palyes wear them as soccer cleats!!

What is the possions of soccer?

Goalkeeper, defenders/backfielders, midfielders, and forwards/strikers

Are there 2 defenders in a soccer game?

There can be, but it will depend on that teams strategy. Some have three defenders, others have two defenders and a sweeper, and still others may have more exotic arrangements. The Laws of the Game do not specify any field position except "goalkeeper", so any further analysis would be speculative and ambiguous.

How does acceleration apply to soccer?

Acceleration is a key aspect of soccer. Players need speed to get past defenders and have a shot on goal.

What parts does soccer team have?

It has a goally, defenders, middle position, and front position.

What is the best formation for 6 a side Soccer football?

6 defenders lol

Was there ever seven players on the ice for hockey?

In the early days there was one goalie 2 defenders three forwards and a rover who served a purpose like a midfield in soccer or lacrosse