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12 - 3 forwards, 2 defencemen and a goaltender for each team during non-penalty play.

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Q: How many players are on the ice at one time in ice hockey?
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How many players there in a hockey team?

22 for Ice Hockey

How many players are on the ice at one time in olymbic ice hockey during overtime?

As far as I Know there are 4 players per side.

How many ice hockey players in the US?

Ask USA Hockey.

How lond do Ice hockey players time on the ice?

That does not make any sense

Wen do ice hockey players retire?

This is a rather dumb question since, as in any sport, a player can play as long as his abilities, age, desire, and a team's need for him allow him to do so!!

How many ice hockey members on ice at one time?

12 players in total 6 on each side including the goaltenders.

How many players are in ice hockey per position?

about 3