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The only people who should be on the field are those participating in a field event at that moment

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Q: How many players are on the field for track and field?
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How many players for track and field?


Who are the famous track and field players in the Philippines?

Lydia De Vega

How many girls softball players on a field?

9 players on the field.

How many players in a soccer team on a field?

you can have 11 players on the field

Give you a ten most famous track and field players?

jermain bolt

Who are the best players in the track and field in Philippines?

Tyler Ruiz and Bryan Mercado

How many baseball players on the field?

a baseball field has exactly 15 players!

How many players are on the field for a Rugby league game?

26 players on a field

How many olympic track and field record were broken in 2008?

how many track and field records were broken in 2008 how many world record in track and field were broken at the 2008 olympic games

Can you cut players off middle school track and field?

If your the coach of the team. Yes you can.

How many players do you have in cricket?

11 on-field players

How many soccer players are on a field?

11 players

How many players on a soccer field?

11 players

How many lane does track and field have?

A track has 5 lanes.

How many track field Events are there in a Decathlon?

A decathlon consists of 10 track and field events

How many players in Canadian football on the field?

12 players can be on the field at one time.

How many players are official on the field?

All the players are official whether they're on the field or not.

How many players can be in a soccer field?

Eleven. 10 field players and one goalie.

What is track and field all about?

Track and Field, In which track is the sports played on the field. In track and field involves various activities like jumping, running, throwing and many more according some interval of distance.

How many defensive baseball players on the field?

you have 9 players...3 in the out field, 4 in the in-field, the pitcher and the catcher.

How many players on defense in football on field?

11 players

How many players are on a softball field at once?

nine players

How many players are there in a baseball?

there are 9 players on the baseball field.

How many players are on a cricket field?

11 players

How many players on a field in baseball?

9 players are on the field at once during a baseball game.