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Manchester United have 11 players on there team

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Q: How many players are on the Manchester United team?
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How many players are there on mancheaster united team?

There are 11 players on Manchester United aka Man united.

How many players play for Manchester United?

40 in the first team, about 30 in the reserves, which in total, is about 70 players!

Who has the most English players in the there team in the premiership?

Manchester United

What are the names of the players on the Manchester United soccer team?


Which football team has had the most players sent off?

Manchester United

How many Manchester United players are foreign?

16 of Manchester United's First Team players are foreign. If you consider Darren Fletcher (Scotland), Ryan Giggs (Wales) and Johnny Evans (Northen Ireland) foreign, then it is 19.

Can you have a list off all the Manchester united players? then click on players and staff for a full list of players in the 1st team and the reserve team

What is the most players of one team to represent England football team in one game?

They were from Manchester united.

Why is Manchester United the best in the world?

because they got the best players on the team :P

English league Football Team that fielded the most scottish players?

Manchester United

What is Manchester united team motto?

Manchester United do not have a team motto.

What team is better man you or Liverpool?

Manchester United by far. They have a better record and have the better players.