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it is 11 player how dumb are you

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there are 11 players in a team.

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Q: How many players are on a foot ball team?
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How many players are on a soccerball team?

how many players are on a soccer ball team

When is the non-throwing scrum half offside when the ball is in a scrum?

When they exceed the ball at the feet of the opposing players of the other team.

How many players are there in a basket ball team?

there are 5 players in a basketball team

How many volley ball players make a team?

9 players per team

How many player in basket ball?

their are 5 players on each team at a time a team can have as many players as they want

How many starting players on a basketball team et ball team?

Their is five starting players.

How many players in basket ball team?

Well there has to be at least 5 players. A team can range from 8-15 players

How many players are on a soccer ball team?

11 on each team.

How many players in voly ball in one team?

Well there is really no limit on how many players on one team, but on the court at one time there are 6 players.

How many players are on a volley ball team?

There are 6 players on a volley ball team, playing, at a time. Only 2 for beach volleyball.

How many players will be there in a beach volley team?

there can be any where from 2-8 players on any volley ball team. there are mostly 6 players

How many volly ball players in national and international team?


How many members are there in a dodge ball team?

6-10 players.

How many times is a rounders player allowed to hit the ball?

depends how many players are in each team. It has to be equal, 9 to 15 players. Each team gets 21 balls.

How many players in T-ball?

There are 10 players on each team on the field of a game of T-ball. But there is usually reserves if anyone gets injured.

How many players in a wally ball team?

Assuming you meant 'Volleyball' - there are six members in each team.

How many staring players on a basket ball team?

5 on the court at a time.

How many players are on a competitive team of volley ball?

The team number differs, but there are 6 people on a court at a time.

How many players make up a volley ball team?

Each team will compose of about 6 or 7 players.... The seventh one might be a substitute

How many players are on offense in soccer?

Like basketball or other team sports, when a team has possesion of the ball, the whole team plays offence. however, there are designated players who have a more relevant role when the team attacks, usually between 1 and 3 players

How many players in the volley ball team?

On a court playing, there must be 6 players. Depending on a team, you can have as many as you want, but it's hard to make substitutions with so many players. If you were a coach you would most likely want 10 players, to be on the safe side in case of injuries.

How many people in a team does there have to be in football?

in a team of foot ball you need 11 players :-) In some states there is 6 man and 8 man as well as 11 man football. The Canadian Football League plays 12 man football.

How many players in beach volley ball?

Well normal volley ball has 4 people on a team, so I'm guessing that it would also be 4 people on a beach volley ball team.

What is the purpose of the crease in handball?

Players From the opposite team are not allowed to be in the crease when the have the ball, but the players from the defensive team may be in the crease

How many players on a t ball team?

Generally 10, 5 on field and five off.