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Q: How many players are needed to play billiards?
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Skills needed to play billiards?


How many players are needed to play baseball?

9 players in total

Did the Apache play billiards?

The Apache did not play billiards or pool prior to 1900. Since that time, it is unknown how many Apache have played pool or billiards.

How do you play billiards on poptropica?

Billiards is no longer there.

How many people are needed to play racquet ball?

2 or 4 players

How many players are needed to play Polo?

4 players on each team, or 3 on a team for arena polo.

What do you call a place where people play billiards?

People play billiards at billiards parlors, pool halls, bars, taverns, and pubs.

What has the author Eddie Robin written?

Eddie Robin has written: 'Winning One-Pocket...As Taught by the Game's Greatest Players' 'Position play in three cushion billiards' -- subject(s): Billiards

How many players are needed on the court to play netball?

There are 7 positions on court, but you can have a minimum of 5 players on court, one of which must play Centre.

How many Americans play pool or billiards?

32 million. Many Americans play pool and most do not participate in any assocaition or league play. For league play, the American Poolplayers Association (APA) has 265,000 players that play in leagues today. There are many other leagues throughout the US, but the APA is the largest.

What are the basic rules of pool table billiards?

There are several general rule's one must follow when playing billiards. These rules pertain to the topics of players, equipment, fouls, and game play. To find a full list of general billiards rules, go online to Generation Pool.

Where online might one find a billiards game to play?

Online billiards games can be found on many gaming websites. Facebook offers some billiards games as well as Addicting Games and many other websites.

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