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In high school and college teams, there are about 20 (this is an estimate) players. However, only a select few of those 20 can be placed in the competition. Here's a rough outline of the draw:

Singles #1

Singles #2

Singles #3

Singles #4

Singles #5

Singles $6

Doubles #1

Doubles #2

Doubles #3

In doubles, there are 2 players against 2 players. In singles, there is 1 player against 1 player. I've played singles and doubles, so I for sure know this part. In team competitions, the school that wins the most matches wins. If there is a tie, I believe they add up the games (actual games, compared to points).

It is hard for one school to dominate, though it is certainly possible. You have to not only have a strong player, but many strong players. If your #1 singles player is ready to go pro, good for you! But if the rest are horrible, the coach might as well toss the keys in the trash and give up hopes for winning.

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Q: How many players are in a tennis team?
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