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A cricket match is played between 2 teams, each team consisting of 11 players.

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Q: How many players are in Cricket game?
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How many players are needed for a game of cricket?

11 players per team

How many players in a cricket game?

11 players in each team with 5 substitutes.

How many players in cricket game?

Not counting the substitutes it is 11 players in each team.

Number of players in a game of cricket?

There are total 11 (eleven) players in a cricket team

Players in cricket team?

11 people play in a game of cricket!!

How many people are needed to play a game of cricket?

Usually there are 11 players per team.

How many player in cricket game?

excluding susbstitutes total no of players are 22 from both the teams.

Cricket information in Hindi?

Cricket is a outdoor game . In cricket there are 11 players . In cricket there are use bat, ball, and etc.

Why do you need 11 players to play cricket?

It is a team game. There are 11 players.

How many players do you have in cricket?

11 on-field players

How many cricket players are there in a team?

11 players

In cricket how many players will play?

11 players

How many players were on a cricket side?

11 players

Is ipl good for cricket?

Really IPL is good for cricket it gives a golden opportunity for the players and thus IPL is a witness for many wonderfull partnerships it also helps to attract more fans for the great game of cricket. IPL is good for cricket in many more ways.

How many players are there in a cricket team?

that's way to easy 12 players are in a cricket team

What is the aim of cricket?

The aim of cricket is to play the game and win. The game has two teams with 11 players each who take turns to bat and then bowl.

Why do cricket players have numbers on their back when playing 1 day cricket?

i think its because its easyer to recognise the players i think they don't have them in test cricket as they want to keep the game pure or something

Who start the cricket?

English introduced cricket game. it was started in England. there are great English players in England team.

Why cricket not included in olympic?

cricket was not sportsmen game,because in all others games everybody should be fit,all players should be invoved,but in cricket one man can change the game

How many cricket players have joined the Pakistan cricket premium league?


How many players are in a cricket team plus the twelfth man?

12 players

How many players in a cricket team actually playing?

11 players and a substitute.

How many players in a criket teem?

11 players in each team in cricket

How many players are there on the cricket court?


How many cricket players are there in the world?

a lot