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Q: How many plants does maple leaf foods have?
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What jobs are available in food production plants in Toronto?

Toronto has several food production plants. Currently there are positions available at Pasta Quistini Inc. and Maple Leaf Foods. Many food production plants use employment agencies, such as Kelly Services, to fill positions.

How many hat tricks did Matt sundin have as a Toronto maple leaf?

He had 3 as a Maple Leaf.

How many points does the real maple leaf have?

sugar maple

What are important Canadian symbols and why?

maple leaf..... because there are many maple trees

What other plant leaf looks like a pot leaf?

There are many plants that look like pot leaves, some of them related to the pot leaf and some not. Some examples include Cleome, Kenaf, and Japanese maple.

How many years did Toronto maple leafts play at maple leaf garens?

20 years

How many maple leaves are on the Canadian flag?

There is only 1 maple leaf on a canadian flag.

What does the red maple leaf stand for on the Canadian flag?

It stands for the many maple trees in Canada.

Where did the Canadians get the leaf on there flag?

Because of the many maple trees in canada

How many leaves are there on the Canadian flag?

There is only 1 leaf on the Canadian Flag which is a maple leaf. It is in the middle of the flag.

What is the size of a maple leaf?

This can vary, between many lengths and widths and heights and perimeters of the leaf.

How many flags did Canada have?

The Canadian flag right now is the 12th one.