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As of the 2008 season, one. Adam Vinatieri of the Colts who won three with the Patriots (SBs XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX) and one with the Colts (SB XLI).

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Q: How many place kickers have 4 or more Super Bowl wins?
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How many place kickers have 3 or more Super Bowl wins?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, two: 1) Adam Vinatieri - 4 - Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX with the Patriots and XLI with the Colts. 2) Roy Gerela - 3 - Super Bowls IX, X, and XIII with the Steelers.

How many left footed kickers played in a super bowl?

I count 6 ... 1 - Lou Michaels for the Colts in Super Bowl III 2 - Garo Yepremian for the Dolphins in Super Bowls VI, VII, and VIII 3 - Morten Andersen for the Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII 4 - Sebastian Janikowski for the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII 5 - John Kasay for the Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII 6 - David Akers for the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX

How many people watched Super Bowl 44?

106.5 million Americans watched the Super Bowl on television, while 74,059 people were at the Sun Life Stadium where Super Bowl XLIV took place.

How many Super Bowl losses do the cowboys have?

8 Super Bowl Appearances 5 Super Bowl Victories 3 Super Bowl Losses

How many wins for NO saints Super Bowl?

saints have been to one super bowl and they won that super bowl.

How many Super Bowl has patriots won?

Three, Super Bowl 36 in 2001, Super Bowl 38 in 2003, and Super Bowl 39 in 2004

How many Super Bowl wins do the green bay packer have?

Four- Super Bowl I (1), Super Bowl II (2), Super Bowl XXXI (31), and Super Bowl XLV (45).

How many Super Bowl wins for colts?

Two, Super Bowl V in 1971 and Super Bowl XLI in 2006.

How many time have the Cardnals won the Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, the Cardinals have not won a Super Bowl.

How many Super Bowl wins do the chargers have?

Zero Super Bowl wins.

How many Super Bowl does the Cowboys have won?

5 super bowl wins

How many Super Bowl appearances have the Saints had?

Super Bowl 44 will be their first.

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