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You have to knock down ten pins in two tries to get a spare.

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10 pins plus the number of pins knocked down with the next ball.

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There are 10 pins in regular Bowling.

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Q: How many pins do you get if you get a spare in bowling?
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What is a spare in bowling?

A Spare Is when you knock down some pins in the first try but in the next try you knock the rest down you get a spare

What does it mean to get a 'spare' in bowling?

A spare is a term in bowling that means all of the pins are knocked down with the second ball of the frame. It is usually indicated by a slash "/" on the scoresheet. A player gaining a spare gains 10 points.

What did the bowling pins say to the bowling ball?

Please spare me!

How much is a spare in bowling worth?

A Spare is worth 10 pins plus the total pin count on the first ball of the very next frame. The possible total worth of a spare is 20 pins.

How can you plan to control the momentum of your bowling stride?

By lining up the bowling ball to hit the pins. T o get a strike or spare.

How do you bowl a spare?

A spare in bowling is when you knock down all of the pins with both deliveries in a single frame. So, if you knocked down 7 pins on your first ball and knocked down the remaining 3 pins with your second ball, that would be considered a spare.

In bowling what is the objective?

The objective of Bowling is to knock down and many pins as possible.

What is it called in bowling when you knock down all but 1 pin?

Knocking down all the remaining pins after the second ball in tenpin bowling is termed as a spare.

Strike and spare are names for which sport?

Bowling, Strike means all pins down on first ball . Spare means all remaining pins down on second ball. If you gett a gutter ball on the first try, and all pins down on the second ball , it's still a spare.Pins left standing on second ball is an open frame.

What is a spare and a strike in bowling?

a strike is all 10 pins knocked down in one try a spare is all 10 pins knocked down in two consecutive tries in the same frame.

What is the aim of 10-pin bowling?

The objective is to knock over as many pins as you can to get a high score, which ranges from 0 to 300. You get strikes when you hit all ten pins in one throw, but if you don't, it is okay because you can roll a spare if you hit the remaining pins on the second try. Avoid open frames, missing all the pins, and splits, difficult positions to make a spare.

How many bowling pins are in forty pins?

bowl afull