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8 panels

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Q: How many pieces in jabulani soccer ball?
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How many flat panels are there on a soccer ball?

None, they're all curved. A classic football (seldom used anymore) has 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. The current Adidas Jabulani has 8 panels.

How many edges does a soccer ball have?

A soccer ball is a sphere and, as such, has no edges.

How many 3D panels are there on the Jabulani?

There are 8 3D panels on the Jabulani.

How many pentagons are on a soccer ball?

On a soccer ball there are 12 pentagons and any practical number of hexagons that can make the soccer ball look spherical.

How many edges join two white panels on a soccer ball?

There are very many designs for panels on a soccer ball.

How many patches are on a professional soccer ball?

depends on the ball

What is the best soccer ball in the whole world?

The best soccer ball is very well debated. Many people say it is the Jabulani is the best but some soccer players complained about it during the world cup because it would curve unnecessarily. Thus different balls were created for different styles of play. So what ever your playing style is, you may think certain balls are better than others. So the best ball for play may never be known

What equipment is needed to play street soccer?

There are not many pieces of equipment that is needed to play street soccer. All that is needed is a ball, space to play and people to play with. Goals are nice but there can be homemade ones.

How many kilograms are in a soccer ball?


How many stiches are on a soccer ball?


How many vertices does a soccer ball have?


How many triangles does the Jabulani football have?


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