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The Super Bowl is not in the same stadium every year. The capacity of the Super Bowl Stadium depends on where the Super Bowl is being held.

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Q: How many people will the Super Bowl stadium hold?
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How many people will the 2010 super bowl stadium hold?


How many people will the super bowl stadium actually hold this year?

The Superbowl Stadium can hold up to 11,000 people or more.

Where will next season's super bowl be hold?

Dallas Cowboy Stadium!

Can a Super Bowl be played in a team's own stadium?

Yes. Super Bowl venues are selected four years in advance. As of Super Bowl XLII it has never happened, however, if a team makes the Super Bowl in the year their stadium is scheduled to hold the Super Bowl the game would go on as planned.

How many people are expected to go to the 2011 super bowl?

Well Since its sold out and being held in texas. The Cowboys stadium can hold about 80,00 people. That's the best answer I got for ya.

What NFL stadiums can hold a Super Bowl?

"Any stadium can hold a super bowl,the league picks what stadiums they want to be in though..." That's partially true...the NFL can pretty much pick whichever stadium it wants to host the game, but the league does have specific requirement as to who hosts a Super Bowl game. A. The stadium has to be home to a current NFL team... B. The stadium has to seat at least 70,000 people... C. The average temperature has to be at least 50 degrees at Super Bowl time, or the game has to be played in a dome (retractable roof domed stadiums count)... D. There has to be at least 24,500 hotel rooms within a 1 hour drive of the host site. Of course, the NFL can waiver any of its requirements and pick a host stadium if it feels the place will benefit...such as placing Super Bowl XLVIII (48) at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey (home of the New York Giants and Jets), but for the most part...any forseeable future site for a Super Bowl game must meet those requirements.

How many People does London Stadium Hold?

The stadium can hold approximately 80,000 people

How many people can hull city stadium hold?

Hull City FC's stadium, KC stadium, can hold up to 25,586 people.

How many people can the main London olympic stadium hold?

How many People does London Stadium Hold 80000 (;

How many people does Wembley Stadium hold?

Wembley stadium can hold 90,000 people when all seated and covered.

How many people will the Neyland Stadium hold?

Including standing room, the Neyland Stadium can hold 102,459 people.

Has green bay ever hosted a super bowl?

No. The National Football League has preferred to hold Super Bowls in warm-weather cities or Northern cities with domed stadiums. The exception will be Super Bowl XLVIII, which will be held in the open-air New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey in February 2014.

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