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There are about 7 billion people in the world. Around 2.5 billion people do not have access to a television. That means that 4.5 billion people are television viewers.

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more than you'll ever know that's for sure and u know theres more sports in the world than you have sperms

remember fat kids own

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26 billion were watching the 2010 world cup according to:

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Q: How many people watch the game of soccer around the world?
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How many people worldwide watch the worldcup soccer final?

over 3.5 billion people watch soccer around the world

The average number of people who watch football?

About 92% of the world watch football which towers the percentage of ppl who watch soccer which is 63% world wide

Do more people play soccer or football the most?

More people around the world play soccer, collectively.

How many people watch el clasico?

Answerabout 75% of the people in the world watch soccer.Actually, 63.9% watch soccer.

Is FIFA the most popular organisation for soccer?

Yes. Millions of people from all over the world watch the FIFA World Cup.

What is the most popular ball game in the world?

Either Soccer or Baseball. Soccer is probably the most because there are people from all around the world following it.

What if soccer was banned from the Olympics?

We dont even have to worry about that because to many people around the world play and love soccer

Why do people choose soccer?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, people choose soccer for lots of different reasons. Some are because it is competitive, skill demanding, requires a high level of fitness, and it's fun to watch and play.

What is the soccer population in the world?

60,356 people are soccer players in the world.

What percent of people watch soccer on tV?

Mostly, millions of people do watch television.

How many people watch swimming around the world?

About 3,000,000,001 people watched the FREAKIN OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!

How many people watch the soccer world cup?

How popular football is can be seen that in 2006 world cup over 2.3 billion watched, 2010 it may cross 3billion.