How many people watch city tv in Canada?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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3 million.

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Q: How many people watch city tv in Canada?
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How often are censuses carried out in Canada?

A censes is carried out about every 2 years in Canada. A census is a recording of population. This includes how many people live in a certain city or how many people live in Canada itself.

What is the biggest city in central Canada?

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the country's main financial centre. Many people work in the service or manufacturing industries, which produce a large percentage of Canada's exports.

How many people live in Edmonton Alberta Canada?

There are 730,372 residents in the city and 1,034,945 in the metropollitan area.

Did many people watch owl city in manila?

a bunch the band is getting realy big now

What is the most populated city in Canada and how many people live there?

I regret, it's Toronto. As of 2011, its population was 2,615,060.

How many people are employed in Canada as plumbers?

how many people are employed as plumbers in canada

How many people live in Canada's Pacific Region?

More than 4 Million People live in British Columbia. Many of them live around the city of Vancouver.

How many canadians watch hockey night in Canada?

4 Million

What does the NFL consider before giving a city a football team?

How many people will watch. They want the most profit so they want a big city with lots of fans.

How many square miles does Canada cover?

The country of Canada covers an area of 3,854,085 square miles. The capitol city is Ottawa and is home to over 35 million people.

How many people in Canada?

36 Canada 33,677,000

How many miles is it from Toronto-Canada to Halifax-Canada?

According to PC Miler, city centre to city centre, it is 1786 km