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It would depend on where you live ... guessing that your from the US by calling it soccer and not football there are not many people that are into that sport in the US but world wide it is the most plaied sport ...

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โˆ™ 2010-04-02 22:32:08
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Q: How many people want to play soccer?
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How many people want to play soccer yearly?


What is the number of people that want to play soccer?

i think 1 million

Why do you want to play on this soccer team?

Well some people like soccer just like me but its a opinion

How do you inspire people to play soccer?

Talk about the great soccer players, their accomplishments, and maybe find some quotes from them that make people want to go out and play.

How many kids want to play soccer?

i believe 6 or 7

What to say when you want to go play soccer with your friends?

You say "hey guys want to play soccer"

How many people need to participate in soccer?

you can play soccer in a group of as many as you want, however professional soccer is played by 11 players on each team with each team having up to 4 substitutes per match

How soccer became famous?

soccer became famous because there was a couple people playing and then more people want to play, soon enough there is a whole bunch of people playing.

If 95 people that want to getting sports there are15 people that are getting in soccer if there were 120 people how many will choose soccer?

Well, If I cross multipied correctly, The answer is 17. 17 People will choose soccer.

What position does she play in soccer?

A girl can play any position in soccer that they choose oor they want to play ,boys cant choose for us.

What college is best for people who want to be soccer players?

i would think that any school that has where you can play soccer would be great as long as you have an education; just in case.

How many players are there?

It really depends on which sport or video game Your playing. If your on a 3dsXL, and you play mario kart 7, You can have 7 or 8 people playing. if your playing soccer, each team needs to have an equal amount of members. if you have 10 people that want to play soccer, devide them into 2 equal groups.

Can you do ecstasy and play soccer?

For fun, yes...competitively, no. If you are on e, people will know you are on drugs. Trust me when I say that playing soccer is the last thing you will want to do while rolling!

What do you do if you have braces and want to play soccer?

u wait until they are out

Can you play soccer while pregnant?

you can if you really want to but i wouldn't

Why do you want to become a soccer player?

because i love to play soccer i been playing soccer since i was 7 u want to become a soccer player then u have to do alot of runing and everything

How do you say do you want to in Spanish?

"¿Quieres..." do you want to play soccer?.... ¿quieres jugar fútbol?

How many people do you need to play in a softball game?

as many as you want

How many people can play per game in paintball?

As many as you want.

How old do you need to be to play soccer?

there isn't a age limit to play soccer. it's a thing you do as a hobbie. only if you want to be in a soccer team you might need more experiacne.

Why do soccer ball player want be come champions?

Like in any sport, those that play soccer want to be champions in whatever competition they play. Soccer is no different than any other sport in that regard. Players obviously do not want to lose or to not win things.

What sport would harry styles want his girl to play?


Why did Hugo sanchez want to play soccer?

he wanted to follow his dream

What necessary equimpment is needed to play soccer?

If you want to play soccer you will need the basic stuff, such as: shinpad, spikes, high knee socks, short pants, and obviously a soccer ball

How many people in the us want to play guitar?