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Q: How many people sky dive off the Auckland sky tower?
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How many people made Auckland Sky Tower?


How many floors does the sky tower in Auckland have?

63 Floors.

How many people live in Central Auckland City?

About 750 000 people live in Auckland City

How many people visit Auckland?

Auckland is the most visited city in New Zealand. The exact number or people visiting Auckland is unknown but statistics show that hotels in Auckland had 6.26 million guest nights.

How many people are there in Auckland city?

Auckland City has a population of 440 000. The greater Auckland area has a population of 1.3 million

What are some sites one should visit if they travel to Auckland City?

Auckland City has numerous interesting places like the SkyCity Tower, Kelly Tarltons Antarctic Centre, the Tamaki Waterfront Drive, the Auckland Art Gallery, the Victoria Park Market, the Auckland Zoo and many more like sports activities.

How many people live in Auckland?

1.5 million

How many people does the vector arena Auckland hold?


How many people died building the Auckland harbor Brudge?


How many people visit the Auckland zoo each year?


How many people died in north tower?

about 1,434 people died in tower 1

How many hours sydney to Auckland?

how many flight sydney to auckland

How many people visit the Auckland Skytower each year?


Why do people call Auckland the City of sails?

Auckland is known as "The City of Sails" because it is located on an isthmus, a narrow piece of land connecting larger land masses, and is surrounded by harbours. Auckland has many of the most affluent people in NZ, and they like to sail. On any day in Auckland, you are likely to see many boats sailing from its harbours. Per capita ownership of small craft is amongst the highest in the world.

How many people visit the Willis Tower?

About 253,000 people enter Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower, each month.

How many McDonald's restaurants are there in Auckland?

there are 29 Mcdonalds are in Auckland

How many dormant volcanoes are in Auckland?

There are 49 volcanoes in Auckland and 48 active ones but I don't know how many dormant volcanoes there are in Auckland.

How many people did it take to build the Tower Bridge?

It took 450 people to build the London Tower Bridge!

How many people worked in the tower 2 of World Trade Center?

25,000 people worked at tower 2

How many square kilometres is Auckland city?

Auckland is 1,090 km²

Who was executed at the tower of london?

Many, many people.

How many people are there in battle tower?

As many as you can fit!

How many people died in the canton tower?


How many people work in the Sears Tower?


How many people did it take to build the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

It took over 1500 people to build the leaning tower