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Q: How many people ran in the Boston Marathon the first year?
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How many people ran in the 2014 Boston marathon?

36,000 people competed in the 2014 Boston marathon

How many people finished the first Boston Marathon?

The total count we believe would be 15.

How many people was injured or killed in the Boston Marathon?

144 people were injured and 3 were killed in the marathon at the finish line.

How many people compete in the Boston Marathon?

The Boston Marathon is an annual marathon in which roughly 30,000 people compete. The marathon is widely known to attract locals and visitors alike. The large population requires people to read rules and regulations for safety purposes.

How many people join the Boston Marathon?

This year (2016) there were approximately 32,000 entrants.

How many people finished the Boston Marathon?

The total count we believe would be 15.

How many runners in the 2010 Boston Marathon?

23,021 runners started the 2010 Boston Marathon (out of the 26,735 who entered).

How many miles was the Boston Marathon?


What percentage of people ever run Boston Marathon?

Considering that only about 500K people have ever run the Boston Marathon in over 115 years, the answer is not very many. If we're looking at just the US population, then that would be less than 0.2% of all Americans will run in the Boston Marathon. If we're looking at worldwide population, then it would be less than 0.0001% of the world will run in the Boston Marathon.

How many meters is the Boston Marathon?

42,164.813 meters.

What happened at the Boston Marathon?

Two bombs exploded near the finish line injuring many people.

How many people died in the Boston marathon?

Three people died in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Another University officer was shot and killed by the suspects after the initial blasts. Over 180 people were injured in the blast. See the related link below for more information.

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