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No one, it hadn`t been developed yet. There was `jeu de paume`which was like handball. Lawn tennis was developed in England and Wimbledon was the first


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Q: How many people played tennis during the renaissance?
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Sports played during the renaissance period?

Jousting Tournaments were popular back then. Thts correct. and they had turnies where they played tennis and criket

What sports were played during the renaissance period?

they had football, tennis, baseball, pole vaulting, basketball and other sports like biking, beach volleyball

What sports are played during spring?

All that I know of is tennis.

What did Benito Mussolini do during his early years?

played tennis

Where is table tennis played?

It is played where it is played and where they have the things they need to play it , it is also played where people want to play it and can play it, it is also played by the people who compete in table tennis tournaments as they need to know how to play it to enter, it is also played by tennis players coaches , did I mention it is played where it is played. Am I right?

Famous people who played tennis?

Darius Knight

First people who played table tennis?

The English

What sports were played during the French Revolution?

Mostly, real tennis was played. (The Tennis Court Oath was taken on a real tennis court.) You can find out more about real tennis by visiting .

What sports did people play in the 1950s?

The sports people played during the 1950s included baseball, basketball, boxing, golf, and football. People also played soccer, tennis. soccer, wrestling, hockey and NASCAR.

If there are 66 tennis matches and each person played every other person how many people played in the tennis tournament?


What people want during the Tennis Court Oath?

A constitution.

In Canada how many people play tennis a year?

4 million people played tennis in 2008, so around there :D

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