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Gazzillions - and most are crap.

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โˆ™ 2013-03-21 08:09:02
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Q: How many people play golf worldwide?
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How many play golf worldwide?


How many people play golf in UK?

HI There How many People in the UK play Golf? HI There How many People in the UK play Golf?

How many players play golf worldwide?

6.7 billion+

How many people in Australia play golf?

in Australia 300,465 people play golf

How many people play golf in ireland?

There are thousands of people who play golf in Ireland. Many of these people are older or retired and play for fun.

How many people play basketball worldwide?

About 30 million people play basketball worldwide

How many people in Germany play golf?

More than 2,000+ people play golf in Germany.

Where do the people play golf?

They play golf at a golf coarse

How many people play lacrosse worldwide?

how many people play lacrosse in the united states

How many people play soccer worldwide?

The number of people who play soccer worldwide is not known. An estimate would probably be a million or more.

How many people play Webkinz worldwide?


How many people play guitar worldwide?


How many people play chess worldwide?

Not me, sooo...

How many people play hurling worldwide?


How many people watch baseball worldwide?

millions of people play baseball worldwide.

How many people play Fantasy Hockey worldwide?

about 40,000,000 people

How many people play wakeboard in the world?

lotsa people worldwide

How many people play cricket in the world?

20,000,000 people play cricket worldwide today.

How many golf courses does a city with a population of 20K people need?

Depends on how many people play golf lol, what kind of a question is this

How many people want to play golf?

It cannot be determine with numbers but I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who likes golf.

Is golf for the elderly?

no not at all you can play at any time you can be able to play i know many of people that play golf at the age of 8 you are not to young and its not just for elderly people

How many worldwide people play Call of Duty?

There is probably millions of people that play Call of Duty

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How many people play Gaelic worldwide?

in excess of 50,000