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Q: How many people have worn the number 11 shirt for Manchester united?
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What was jasper olsens shirt number at Manchester United?


What shirt no did rio Ferdinand wear for Manchester United?

number 5

Who wairs the number 10 shirt for Manchester united?

Wayne Rooney

Who wears number two shirt for Manchester city?

Gary Neville wears the number two shirt at Manchester United.

Who has worn the famous number 10 shirt for Manchester united?

Denis Law.

What is Anders Lindegaard's shirt number?

Since joining Manchester United in 2010, Anders Lindegaard's shirt number has been 34.

What was the number on the shirt of Eric Cantona?

number 7 for Manchester united but i don't know his other number

What does Javier Hernandez have on the back of his shirt?

Javier Hernandez wears the number 14 shirt and plays for Manchester United.

Who wear shirt number 10 in Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney of England Currently wears the #10 shirt for ManU as of 2013.

Who wears Manchester United no 6 shirt?

Wes Brown wears no.6 for Manchester united

Which player wears Manchester uniteds number 4 shirt?

Owen Hargreaves currently wears the Number 4 Shirt at Manchester United.

How do you find original Manchester united shirt?

You can find it on Manchester United's official online club shop.