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how many people get hurt on the football team ina football season.

i would say like 6 out of like how ever many players there is .

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Q: How many people get hurt duing a football game season?
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When is the next football game?

The next football game will not start until football season. Regular football season starts in September and runs for 16 weeks.

What college has lost both the basketball and football championship in the same season?

Ohio State lost the 2006-07 season basketball championship game to Florida which was sandwiched by their 2006 season football championship game loss to Florida and their 2007 season football championship game loss to LSU.

When did the number of football games in a season change?

The NFL went from a 12 game season to a 14 game season starting in 1961. They went from a 14 game season to a 16 game season starting in 1978.

What is the average of attendence a kutztown university football games in 2007 season?

the average attendenc was about 2000 people per game.

When did pro football go to 16 game season?


What is most popular football or baseball?

Football, which has a 16 game season and a one game Super Bowl, has higher average attendance and TV viewership per game. Baseball, which plays 162 regular season games per season and a best of 7 World Series has much higher attendance and TV viewership per season.

What was the highest scoring football game of Florida gators football game?

144 points - Florida defeated the Florida Southern, 144-0, in the 1913 season.

In Stargirl why were all the people at the football game disappointed?

All the people at the football game were disappointed because Stargirl wasn't there.

How many play soccer?

It is impossible to know how many people play the sport because it is played on such a wide scale. If you mean duing a game, 22 players are on the field at one time. 11 from each team. Did you know that Soccer (Football) is the world's most popular sport?

How many English football league teams not lost a game all season?

There are only two teams in English Football league system to have gone an entire season unbeaten. Preston North End F.C won the inaugural season of Football League in 1888-89 season without losing a single game. Arsenal F.C is the only team in English Premier League to have gone an entire season unbeaten in 2003-04 season. Both teams earned nickname 'The Invincibles' for this feat.

What is the longest regulars season winning streak in college football at the present time?

The University of Alabama has a 24 game regular season winning streak. Florida has a twenty game regular season winning streak and overall a twenty two game winning streak with one regular season game left.

What is the West Virginia vs Tennessee football record?

Through the 2011 season, West Virginia and Tennessee have not met in a football game.

Do football players get paid per game?

Yes, football players do get paid per game. Their annual contracts typically set the amount they will be paid per game and what their annual income should be at the end of the season.

Has a football player ever died in a football game?

yes people have

What are the typical work hours for a football player?

The typical work hours for a football player during football season is about 4 hours. When it is game day, the hours will be more.

How do you letter in college football?

You earn a letter for every season in which you play one game.

When was the last time Penn State opened its season away?

The 2013 football season will be the next time the Penn State Lions with open the season with an away game. Penn State will battle Syracuse, in the opening game.

What is a football bowl?

Every level of football has some type of bowl game. A bowl game is just a football game that is played between the two of the best teams in there conference/league. The winner of the bowl game usually takes home a prize of some sort and marks the end of there current season.

When is the seasonal opener game for the Chargers?

The seasonal opener game for the San Diego Chargers football team takes place in the fall season of each year. The Chargers season opener game typically occurs in September.

Who are the Seahawks playing in the first game of the 2008 football season?

The Seahawks open the season in Buffalo against the Bills on Sunday, September 7.

Who are considered to be football fanatics?

I would say football fanatics are those who see every game, know the season's statistics, the players and the schedules. They love NFL, they love NCAA college football and above all they love tailgating at the game.

Is football good?

football is the best game in the world because you can attack people.

Numbers of players in football game?

In a professional football game it starts with 11 people on each team (not including subs)

Does Michigan State play Ohio State in football every year?

Yes they do. Many people (myself included) will tell you that the Ohio State Michigan rivalry is the greatest rivalry in college football. Normally, the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game is the last game of the regular season for both teams although the Big Ten would like to change that.

When does the football season end?

the college football season officially endswith the bcs championship game in early January the proseadon ends with the super bowl usually on the last Sunday of January or the first Sunday of february