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433 athletes will represent Australia at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Click on the 'Australian Athlete Bios' link below to read about them, sorted by the sport they will compete in.

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Q: How many people from Australia are competing in the Olympics in Beijing?
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How many people from china are competing in the Olympics in Beijing?

Over 630

How many people competing in the Beijing Olympics from Italy?

A total of 344 athletes were sent to compete.

How many people are competing for Norway in the Beijing 2008 summer Olympics?

There were about 20 people. My favorite was Solveig Gulbrandsen (soccer)!!! XD

How many Australian people in 2010 winter Olympics?

There are 40 athletes from Australia competing in Vancouver.

How many people from Burkina Faso competed in the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

Burkina Faso had 6 athletes competing in athletics, swimming, judo, and fencing at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.

How many visitors saw the Beijing Olympics?

millions of people saw the Beijing Olympics in person

How many people attend the Beijing Olympics?

650 million People attended the Beijing Olympics in 2008 :D Hope it help:)))

How many people competing in the Olympics?


How many people are competing in the olympics?


What country had the most competitors in the Beijing Olympics?

The People's Republic of China had 639 athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

How many people are compiting this year in the Olympics?

14,000 people are competing in the olympics 2012

Why are some people at the Olympics professional?

It is all about money and TV ratings. More people watch the Olympics when people they have heard of are competing than when people that they have not heard of are competing. This allows for more money to be made by those that are putting on the Olympics and televising the Olympics.

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