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In a Nascar Cup and Nationwide Series race there are 43 drivers. In a Nascar Truck Series race there are 36 starting drivers.

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Q: How many people drive in an official NASCAR race?
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How many laps in a 200 lap Nascar race have to be run to make it an official race?

To be an official Nascar race, the drivers must complete 100 of 200 laps. Once lap 101 begins, it's an official race.

How many years did Kyle Petty drive in Nascar?

Kyle Petty competed in the Nascar Cup Series for 30 years (1979-2008).

How many people have gotten hurt in Nascar?

Hundreds of people have been hurt in nascar sanctioned races. Many people have also lost their lives. It is a dangerous sport.

How many people watch NASCAR in the US?

According to NASCAR themselves about 20 million.

How many people watch Nascar compared to football?

not many people watch nascar compared to football which most of the world players(unless your talking about American football)

How many laps is an official NASCAR race?

The drivers must reach the halfway point of the scheduled amount of laps in order for a Nascar race to become official. For example, if it's a 200 lap race they must complete lap number 100. Once they begin lap 101, it's an official race.

How many people are employed throughout NASCAR?


How many years did A.J. Foyt drive stock cars in Nascar?

he stopped in 1985, and started in 1965.

How many drivers of a Nascar team drive in the same race?

Depends on how many cars the team has, but one driver per team.

How many people are on the NASCAR roster?

48, that have cars and sponsors.

How many people have died in Nascar since 1945?


Will Honda ever get into NASCAR?

The other teams certainly hope not. When Honda enters a racing series, they do it to win. Look at the IRL: the first year Honda was in the series as an engine supplier, the first seven cars, and nine out of the first ten, were all Honda-powered. If they entered NASCAR, it would be with the Accord. This would bring NASCAR, in many ways, back to the original idea that people could go to the race to see their own cars racing; a lot of people drive Accords.

How many NASCAR crashes have there been since NASCAR was established?

44 people have died through NASCAR crashes since it was established. The number has dramatically decreased since the founding of NASCAR, but it still remains a huge threat to those considering entering the sport.

what- The press hammered the new official with many questions?

(v) to drive or force

How many people are on a NASCAR team?

If you mean how many drivers on a team, than 2-4 usually.

How many NASCAR Racers are there in all of NASCAR history?

there have been 847 drivers in nascar

How many people have died in NASCAR?

Sixteen people have died in Nascar: 1991: 1 person; 1992: 2 people; 1994: 4 people; 1996: 2 people; 1997: 1 person; 1999: 2 people; 2000: 3 people; 2001: 1 person

How many female drivers are there in NASCAR?

There are not many female drivers in Nascar right now. The most famous woman in Nascar is currently Danica Patrick. She started racing in 2005 for Nascar.

How many people in the UK drive?

A lot because people who dont even have drivers liscenes drive and many kids know how to drive.

How does NASCAR inspire you?

NASCAR inspires me because there are so many people who go out there every week to fight it out. They don't notice it, but they are risking their lives in the process. It's an experience that you will never forget.

How many NASCAR fans are there?

Nascar has about 75 million fans.

How many miles are driven in a NASCAR season?

14461.9 miles in a Nascar season.

How can they tell how many people are watching nascar?

Exactly how they tell how many people watch a show or football game. The channel provider gives them the information.

How many people in Florida drive?

Most of them drive.

How many people attend a Nascar race in a given year?

In a year, millions. This includes all tracks.