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Q: How many people can the largest college basketball arena hold?
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What is the largest arena in college basketball?

Carrier Dome Syracuse, NY

What is the largest on campus college basketball stadium?

Thompson Boling Arena

What is the biggest basketball arena?

Carrier Dome is the largest basketball arena for Syracuse.

What are the top 5 largest college basketball arena?

Carrier Dome Mariott Center Your MoM!!!!

What is oldest College basketball arena?

Rose hill gym

What is the largest college basketball arena in the Us?

1. 33,000 - Carrier Dome - Syracuse2. 24,535 - Thompson-Boling Arena - Tennessee3. 23,500 - Rupp Arena - Kentucky4. 22,700 - Marriott Center - BYU5. 22,000 - KFC Yum! Center - Louisville

What is the largest basketball arena?

The Carrier Dome is the largest basketball arena which can be found in Syracuse University. It has a seating capacity of 49, 242. The dome opened in the year 1980 and already hosted a variety of events including the numerous rounds of NCAA championship in basketball.

What team has the largest arena in the NCAA?

The Carrier Dome, home of the Syracuse Orange, has the largest seating capacity in th NCAA for basketball, seating 33,000. However the Carrier Dome is a 55,000 seat football facility. The largest basketball arena in the NCAA is the Thompson-Boling Arena, home of the Tennessee Volunteers, seating 24,500.

How many people will Phillips arena hold for basketball?

20,300 people

Largest capacity basketball arena in the US?

The largest actual basketball arena (one specifically built for basketball) in the US, collegiate or professional, is Rupp Arena, where the University of Kentucky basketball team plays, and which has an official seating capacity of 23,500. The Carrier Dome, where the University of Syracuse's football, basketball, and lacrosse teams play, and which has a listed seating capacity of 33,000. The largest NBA arena is the Palace at Auburn Hills, where the Detroit Pistons play, and which has a seating capacity of 22,076.

How many people does a basketball arena hold?

The amount of people that a basketball arena can hold depends on the arena, and typically the top teams historically can hold the most people. Teams such as Syracuse and Duke for example, can hold over 40,000 people, while other arenas are much smaller.

What arena in ancient Rome could seat 50000 people?

The largest arena in Rome was/is the "Colosseum".

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