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Less than 1% of all golfers on earth


The Par value for a Golf course is that score that can be attained by an expert player> A professional and certified professional player is by definition an expert player The United States Golf Teachers Federation® trains and certifies golf teaching professionals. It is the largest organization of strictly golf teaching professionals in the world with over 25,000 members. It may be assumed that at least this number of people can break par. It can be further assumed that not everyone who can break par will want to join the organization for either time or financial considerations and that many fine expert level golfers exist outside of the organization. Assume that only 30% of the expert golfers belong, this implies that there are more than 75,000 golfers capable of breaking par at any course and many more if you consider golfers who regularly play at only their local courses where they are familiar with the course. The Golf Research Group estimates that there are 57 million golfers in the world (their criteria for "golfers" are not known). Thee implication is that at least 1% of golfers and as many as 2 to 3% of golfers can regularly break par and a much higher percentage can break par on occasion.

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Q: How many people can break Par in Golf?
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Did the word 'par' originate from golf?

== == No. It comes from the Latin word "par" meaning "equal".

When less than one percent of all golfers in the world ever break 100 why is it that par for most golf courses in the world is set at 72?

I'm afraid that is way off, I would say 1% of golfers fail to break 100 at one point in their life would be more accurate than the above stat. Par is set at 72 for most courses because there is 18 holes, either par 3, mostly par 4's and some par 5's, the total they add up to is 72 (some courses vary from 69-73). If par was 100 top pros would be maybe 125 under for a tournament which is just silly. The problem you have pointed out is solved by the handicap system, which allows golfers to shoot net under par.

What is the origin of the golf term 'salty'?

The term is used when someone males a particularly good effort to save par or win a hole.

What are the odds of recording back to back eagles in a round of golf?

Very slim because it is easiest to get an eagle on a par 5 but you could hole out and that's why it is rare

In what sport does the player with the highest score lose?

Golf is the sport that when the player with the higher score loses. The point of golf is to put the ball in the hole with the last amount of shots. When you are about to tee off at a hole, it says that "par" the hole is. If the hole is a par 3, that means that it should only take you three shots to put the ball in the hole. If it takes you only one shot (hole in one) to get the ball in the whole, that is considered an eagle or two under. If it takes you 2 shots to get it in the whole, that is considered a birdie, or one under. Then if it takes you 3 shots, like the hole says, then that is considered a par. You also have the opportunity to go over par which is conisidered bogie, double bogie, triple bogie, and so on. Bogie depends on how many shots over 3 you shoot.

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What is par 7 in golf?

The highest par in golf is 5. A seven is a double bogey on a par 5 and a triple bogey on a par four and a quadruple bogey on a par 3.

How many par is the Charlotte Golf Links?

Charlotte Golf Links is situated in North California features 6,700 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 71, Charlotte Golf Course is designed by Tom Doak and opened in 1993.

Is there just par 3 and 4 in golf or can there be par 5 and 6?

Depending on the golf course, the set par can be anything, but it is very common for the par to be 3 and 4

In which sport are following terms used bunker par?

Golf. Golf uses the tersm "bunker" and "par".

Describe a birdie in golf?

In golf a birdie is one under par on a given hole. So a 2 on a par 3, 3 on a par 4 and 4 on a par 5.

Is there par 4 in golf?

Yes, there are holes that have a par of 4.

Who manufactures Ti Tech Golf bags?

King Par is the manufactor of the Ti Tech golf bags.

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