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One person can only sub in for one position/rotation a volleyball game. However, multiple people can sub in for that same position, but once they sub in for one position, they may not sub back out and go in for a different position.

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as many as the coach wants to call for subbing.

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Q: How many people can 1 person sub in for in a volleyball game?
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How many people are there in a Volleyball game?

There are 6 players in each team- so 12 players in both teams. 1 person is the scorer and 1 person is the refugee. There are 14 people in the whole game.

How many players are on court during a volleyball game?

6 people

How many quarters are in a volleyball game?

There are no quarters in a volleyball game. Their called "sets" its a game and you either play best 2 of 3 or 3 of 5.

How many players in a volleyball game?

at least 6.

How many players can you dress in a volleyball game?


How many people in the world play volleyball?

every 2/3 people will have physically hit a volleyball

How long is each volleyball game?

A Volleyball game lasts up to an hour in Junior competitions

How many score keepers are there in a game of volleyball?

12 scource.

How many seats are available at a volleyball game?

about 100 seats

How many umpires are there on volleyball ground?

There are usually 2 referees in a volleyball game. One is on the stand and one is on the floor.

How many people are on a volleyball team?

there are usually about 10-13 people on a volleyball team. 6 players on the court at a time, so more than 6 players on a team could make for two line ups, or subs when one person comes to a different position

How many subsitutions can be made in a game of volleyball?

Up to 14 in USAV Volleyball. It may depend on what organization you are playing with, though.