How many people are on the GB olympic team?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How many people are on the GB olympic team?
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How many people are there on the GB Olympic team?


How many athletes are on the olympic team from the GB?

542 according to wiki

How many holes are on the olympic torch?

There are 8,000 holes on the Olympic torch. This is beacause there are 8,000 torch bearers. (They're the people who run with the torch.) Hope this helps and GO TEAM GB! WOO!

How many people where in team GB at the Olympics?

there are 176 people in team gb

Who was the GB Olympic team captain?

Ryan Giggs

How many people on team GB?

There are 540 people on the GB team competing in all the games this year

How many people are there on team gb?


Is a Scotland team in the 2012 Olympics?

Scottish people compete in the so called "Team GB" or United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland team governed by the British Olympic Association.

What type of animal is Pride the Team GB Olympic mascot?


Which players are in the Olympic 2012 team gb for football?

gareth bale rooney and ryan giggs are a couple of them

Is there any Scottish athletes in the 2008 GB Olympic team?

There are 31 Scottish athletes competing at the 2008 Olympics in 12 sports. 10% of the total GB team. Hope this helps

How many gold medals have gb won 2012?

Team GB won 65 medals overall at the London 2012 Olympic games this includes:29 gold17 silver19 bronze.Hope this info helps :)