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Q: How many people are going to the Olympic Games?
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How Many people were at the 1924 olympic games?

There were 60 000 people at the 1924 Olympic Games.

Who many people are in the Olympic games?

i think 500 people

How many people participate in the olympic games?

An estimated 10,500 athletes will be competing in the 2012 Olympic Games.

How many people are doing Olympic games?


How many people attend the olympic games?


How many people are competing in the 2008 Olympic Games?

Approxiamtely 10,500 people are competing in the Olympic Games and an average of about 3.2 billion people watch it on television.

How many years had the winter olympic games been going on for?

86 years.

How many countries are going to participate in the london 2012 Olympic games?


How many Chinese people are entering the Olympic games?


How many people watch the olympic games?

The world watchs it.

How many people watched the first olympic games?


How many people competed in the 1896 Olympic Games?


How many people were in the first modern Olympic games?


How many years have the Olympic games being going for?

The Olympics have been going on since 1896. You do the maths!

How many different olympic games are there?

36 olympic games

How many people competed in the 2012 olympic games for russia?


How many people compete in football for the 2008 olympic games?


How many people attended in the Sydney 2000 Olympic games?


How many people attended to the olympic games 2008?

an astounding 184,589,342 people! Yowza!

How many people competed in the first modern olympic games?

Around 2000 people

How many people went to the first olympic games in London?

10,000 people went

How many ring are there in olympic games and their colors?

How many ring are their in olympic games and what are their colours

How many people have participated in the olympics?

All the Olympic Games from the first of the modern games there were 974,438.

How many people are competing in the London Olympic games 2012?

over 500

How many people took part in the ancient greek olympic games?