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The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing reported 11,028 athletes competed.

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Q: How many people are expected to play in the Olympics games?
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How many people are expected to come to the London 2012 Olympics?

50,098 people are expected to come to the Olympics 2012

How many americans people go to the Olympics games?

how many Americans go to the Olympics

How many represented countries in 2012 olympic games?

205 countries are expected in Olympics 2012.

How many Jordan people are going to the Olympics?

Jordan is expected to send seven athletes to the 2008 Games that will compete in athletics, equestrian, swimming, table tennis, and taekwondo.

How many athletes will compete in the Sochi 2014 Olympic games?

About 2,800 athletes are expected to compete at the 2014 Olympics.

How many athletes can a country send to the Olympics?

how many countries were expected to send athletes to the olympics.

How many people are in the Olympics this year?

there were 1039 people this year in 2012 london games

How many medals did Tom Daley win in the 2008 olympic games?

he didn't win any in 2008 but is expected to at the london olympics

How many tourists expected in London for Olympics?


How many athleths are expected in the 2012 Olympics?


How many athletes are expected in then 2012 Olympics?


How many spectators are expected in the 2012 Olympics?


How many people have participated in the olympics?

All the Olympic Games from the first of the modern games there were 974,438.

How many people are going to each event in the 2012 olympics games?

over 200 people.

How many countries are expected to take part in the London Olympics?

204 countries or Participating National Olympic Committees took part in the games

How many athletes compete in Olympic games?

It varies but, 10,568 competed at the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games and about 2,800 athletes are expected to compete at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

How many athletes are expected to participate in the 2012 Olympics?


How many athletes are expected for the London 2012 Olympics?


How many competitors will take part in London Olympics?

there will be lots of people competing in the olympics such as vinujan vilvarasa who willl be expected to beat usain bolt in a second hope this helped

How many people participated in the olympic games?

There are $40,000 people participated in Olympics. It sounds unusual but it is true!?

How many people will be at the Olympics games in London?

over 1 million

How many games are in the summer Olympics?

there is 111 summer olympics

How many sports were in the Olympics?

over 20 games in the Olympics

How many summer Olympics games?

This is the 30th summer olympics.

How many medals are expected to be won by the US in the Olympics?

About a hundred and twenty.