How many people are employed by New Zealand rugby union?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: How many people are employed by New Zealand rugby union?
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When was the Canterbury rugby union formed?

The canterbury rugby union was formed in 1879 and governs the sport of Rugby Union in parts of New Zealand. It was the first such organization in New Zealand.

When was Steve Smith - New Zealand rugby union - born?

Steve Smith - New Zealand rugby union - was born in 1973.

What does nzru stand for?

New Zealand Rugby Union.

Name of New zealand 's rugby union team?

The New Zealand Rugby team is called The All Blacks.

Why rugby union is New Zealand's national sport?

Rugby Union is New Zealand's national sport because the All Blacks are winner's and they make NZ proud.

What is the name of the New Zealand women's rugby team?

the New Zealand Women's Rugby Union team is nicknamed the Black Ferns.

Has Kenyan rugby union ever beaten New Zealand?


Which is the number one country in rugby?

Rugby Union is the official sport of New Zealand.

New zealand rugby league international also played rugby union for England?

Henry Paul.

What is Anthony tuitavakes occupation?

He is a New Zealand rugby union footballer

Where was the first rugby union international contested?

Australia and New Zealand