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Q: How many penalties has del piero scored?
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How many goals did inzaghi scored in his carer?

more than del piero.

How many goals did del piero scored in his life?

Alessandro Del Piero has scored astronomical 50 000 000 goals in his career, which is more than double messi, ronaldo, henry, pele, maradona, raul and nistelrooy together.

Has there been a Player that scored three goals in champions league semi final?

Yes, Olic in Bayern Munich against Lyon 2010. But the first one to do so was Alessandro Del Piero playing for Juventus in their 4 - 1 demolition of AS Monaco. While Olic scored all his goals during open play, two of Del Piero's goals came from penalties.

Who scored the highest number of league goals for Juventus?

The top scorer for Juventus is Alesandro del Piero.

How many assist did del piero make?

A little bit about Alessandro Del Piero's life. This could be noticed in the many assists Del Piero had this season. A header straight to the lower right corner the goal, making it impossible for Buffon to keep the ball from entering.

Is del piero Muslim?

No Alessandro del Piero is not a muslim. he is a Italian and a catholic.

How tall is Alessandro Del Piero?

Alessandro Del Piero is 173 cm.

When did Piero del Pollaiolo die?

Piero del Pollaiolo died in 1496.

How old is del piero?

Alex Del Piero was born on 9/11/74

What team does del piero play for now?

Aleksanro del piero plays for Juventus.

When was Alessandro Del Piero born?

Alessandro Del Piero was born on November 9, 1974.

When was Gregory Del Piero born?

Gregory Del Piero was born on 1972-10-14.