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Q: How many patches are there in football?
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Why does football have so many black people?

Why because the football has black patches

Why are football players wearing GU patches during the 2008 season?

The GU patches are in honor of football great Gene Upshaw who recently passed away.

Tony and Aaron collect state patchestony has 4 more patches than aaron together they have 14 patches how many patches does each boy have?

Tony has 9 patches, Aaron has 5 patches.

How many garbage patches are there in oceans?

1-4 thousand types of garbage patches

Why don't the Pittsburgh Steelers wear captain patches?

American football has no official captains, just honorary captains.

Are dogs supposed to have bald patches under their arms?

Many dogs have bald patches under their arms. It is completely normal. Many dogs will also have bald patches on their elbows, the joint on the upper front leg.

How many patches does it take to start World of Warcraft?

that depends on wen u start playing it and how many patches the blizzard ppl have made u need ALL the patches installed/download in order to play WoW

Does Medals of America sell patches along with medals, and how much do their patches cost?

Medals of America sells many things including medals and patches. They carry hundreds of patches from the Army, Navy, USMC and more. Prices for the various patches range in price from $1.95 to $29.95.

Starcraft 2 patches how many?

Answer: ALOT!

How many patches are there on World of Warcraft and how large are they in mbs or gbs?

im not sure how many patches there are but theres quite a few and when i was downloading and installing them it was 3.2gb :S

What stores would carry iron on patches?

Many stores carry iron on patches for purchase. Stores like Walmart, Target, Kmart all carry iron on patches. Also, craft stores would also sell iron on patches.

How do you get new updates for football manager?

You can either sign up to Steam and they will update the game automatically or you can download the Patches from the official SI Games website