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Aikman had 1749 passing yards his first year in Dallas.

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Q: How many passing yards did Troy Aikman have in 1989 first season with the cowboys?
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How many first down did the cowboys have in 1994?

According to Pro Football Reference, the Cowboys had 322 first downs in the 1994 regular season, 160 by passing, 136 by rushing, and 26 by penalty.

Dallas Cowboys only win in 1-15 season?

November 3, 1989: Cowboys 13, Washington Redskins 3 The Cowboys went 1-15 in the 1989 season.

How many games did Troy Aikman play during the 1996 season?

During the 1996 regular season, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman started the first 15 games, but was held out of the final contest at Washington, along with star running back Emmitt Smith. They were sidelined to make sure they were injury free for the playoffs.

When was Troy aikmen drafted into the nfl?

The UCLA quarterback was the first pick of the 1989 draft, selected by the Dallas Cowboys on April 23 of that year.

Did Troy Aikman lose to Oakland Raiders?

In his 12 year career Troy Aikman never lost to the Oakland Raiders. During is tenure with the Cowboys, they played the Raiders three times. The first two games the Cowboys won in 1992 and 1995 and the third they lost in 1998. However, Aikman was out due to injury and did not play in the loss.

When was the cowboys first season?


How many first downs did the Boys have in 1994?

According to Database Football, the Cowboys had 322 first downs in the 1994 season; 136 by rushing, 160 by passing, and 26 by penalty.

Were the cowboys 0-12 their 1st season?

No, the Cowboys were 0-11-1 in 1960, their first season.

Did troy aikman sit the bench in is rookie career?

Troy Aikman was never benched for performance reasons as a rookie quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. He started the Cowboys' first three games of the season, but was sidelined by a broken left index finger against the New York Giants in Game 4. He was replaced in the game and for the next month by another rookie quarterback, Steve Walsh. Aikman returned for the last seven games of the season, giving him an 0-11 record as a starter during Dallas' woeful 1-and-15 season. Walsh was at the helm for the team's only win, a 13 to 3 victory over the Washington Redskins.

What was troy aikman first college football team to play on?

Troy Aikman began his college career during the 1984 season at The University of Oklahoma.

Who coached the Dallas Cowboys in 1989?

Jimmy Johnson. It was his first season as head coach of the Cowboys.

What was the Dallas Cowboys' record their first season?

The Cowboys first season in the NFL was 1960 and their record was 0-11-1. The tie came against the New York Giants.