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Q: How many participate in rugby union in the UK?
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What is the most popular sport in UK?

1)soccer 2) rugby union 3) cricket 4) rugby league

What are the major sports in the UK?

Association Football(Soccer), Rugby Union, Rugby league, Cricket, Horse Racing, Golf, Snooker and Darts are amongst the major sports in the UK.

How many rugby league fans are there and how many people participate in rugby league both in the UK?

in my predictions, i reckon there will be at least 2 million rugby league supporters in the UK because around 60,000 spectators attend the Carneigie Challenge Cup Final each year and that's only for two teams.i support hull fc (: x

Popular played sport in UK?

We Have, Football(Soocer), Rugby Union, Rugby league, Cricket (better ver of baseball), Snooker and Dart

How many women participate in football in the UK?

how do they do football

Where did rugby start?

rugby started in Rugby in Warwickshire in the UK

What does the ditloid 5 p f a t in r u mean?

5 Points for a Try in Rugby Union (UK)

Popular sports in the UK?

Football (soccer to Americans) is the most popular sport in the UK. Other popular sports include rubgy league, rugby union and cricket.

When was Rugby - UK Parliament constituency - created?

Rugby - UK Parliament constituency - was created in 1885.

When did Rugby - UK Parliament constituency - end?

Rugby - UK Parliament constituency - ended in 1983.

Why did rugby league break from rugby union?

The governing body of the union code were approached by a number of north England clubs who wanted to pay their players as many of those with talent were being encouraged to move south of the UK for work. The RFU decided that the game would remain armature and payment would not be made. The clubs in the north then broke away and formed the National Rugby league

What is 5 P for a T and 2 P for a C?

5 Points for a Try and two points for a conversion. (in Rugby Union UK)

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