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2 teams each team play at d 1st ever world cup.

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50 overs per team.

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60 overs

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Q: How many overs were there in the first worldcup?
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How many overs used in first three icc worldcup cricke match?

In the first 3 ICC World Cup, there used to be 60 overs.

When was first icc cricket worldcup?

In 1975 first icc cricker worldcup took place.It was held in England.

Who is the winner of 2020 worldcup 2008?

India is the winner of first t20 worldcup in 2008

How many times has Pakistan reached the worldcup?

Pakistan reached worldcup for thee times.

When was the first worldcup football held?

In 1930

Who is the winner of T20 first worldcup?

Uruguay in 1930

How many overs was there in the match when India won there first Cricket World Cup?


Who won the first worldcup?

dinosaurs and Alaskan firedragons :D:D

Who won the first cricket worldcup?

West Indies in 1975

How many overs can play in odi match?

only 50 overs

Which was the first worldcup championship where the defending champions and the runner up both are eliminited in first round of worldcup itself?

It was the 2010 world cup, both Italy winners and France runner ups were knocked out in the first round.

How many FIFA worldcup won by Brazil?