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Q: How many oneday matches have India won when MS Dhoni has hit a century?
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How many Test matches have India won when MS Dhoni has hit a half-century?

India have won ten Test matches in which MS Dhoni has hit at least one innings of 50 runs or more.

Where did first century made by mahendar singh dhoni in INDIA?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is Compleated his first Centuary in Vishakhapattanam for INDIA.

How many international Twenty20 matches has MS Dhoni captained for India so far?


How many final matches did ms dhoni won?

India has lost two matches under dhoni's against SA and other is the last match of muralidharan.

Where did mahendra singh dhoni make his 1st century in India?


Which city did ms dhoni scored his first odi century for India?


Where did mahendra singh dhoni scored his first O.D.I. century in India?


Where did dhoni score his first century?

ACA-VDCA Stadium, Vishakapatnam, India

Which city did M S dhoni score his first ODI century for India?

It was vishakapatnam.

How many matches did India win when ganguly scores century?

18 Matches

How many test match wins under captaincy of MS Dhoni?

As of January 2011, in the 24 matches that India have played with Mahendra Singh Dhoni as captain. Of these, 14 have resulted in victory for India, three have been lost by India, and seven have resulted in draws.

Which city did mahindra singh dhoni score his one day international century for India?