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Q: How many of Rooney's 25 goals have been penalty kicks?
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How many penalty's have been given to man united at home against arsenal?

5 including rooneys by the way that was the worst penalty i have ever seen in my life

In a penalty shootout does it count if the goalkeeper saves in then goes in?

No it doesnt the goalkeeper saved then the kicks been taken so it doesnt count

How many world cups have been decided on penalty kicks?

For Men's Football, the 1994 and 2006 World Cup Finals went into a penalty shootout. For Women's Football, the 1999 and 2011 World Cup Finals went into a penalty shootout.

Which scottish team have been awarded the most penalty kicks?

Celtic - more penalties awarded than any team in world soccer

Which team has been in 3 World Cup penalty shootouts and lost them all?

England, latest England losing on spot kicks 3-1 to Portugal in 2006.

In soccer if the score is still tied after overtime is a shoot out played?

In accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game "Kicks from the Penalty Mark" is a sanctioned method of determining the winner of a match after overtime periods have been played.

Have the New York Giants ever been owned by the same owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, the Rooneys never owned any part of the Giants.

Can you kick a soccer ball into the goal and score after the goalie deflects it on a penalty kick?

If the ball crosses the goal line on it's own momentum, then a goal is scored, even if the keeper touched it. If it is a penalty kick during the match itself, then the kicker may only kick it again if it has touched another player, such as the goal keeper. If it is a penalty kick in extended time (e.g. time expired after the penalty kick had already been called) or if during kicks from the penalty mark (a.k.a. shootout) then no player may touch it a second time, except the goal keeper.

Why is the death penalty so debatable?

Some people who had been killed using the death penalty have been found not guilty after the fact.

What governor abolished the death penalty in California?

California has the death penalty. It hasn't been abolished.

If the goalie blocks a penalty kick is the penalty kicker allowed to touch the ball again before a player other than the goalie touches it?

If the ball rebounds off the goalkeeper, the ball is considered in play from then on. Anybody can play the ball, including the penalty taker; however, if the ball only bounces off the post or crossbar, the penalty taker cannot play the ball again until another player has touched it. Note that the above only holds true for a penalty kick that takes place during the 90/120 minutes of the match. For kicks from the mark (a.k.a. penalty shoot out) once the shot has missed or has been saved, it is out of play.

Has the death penalty been abolished in the UK?

Yes, the death penalty has been totally abolished in the UK. It was abolished in all cases in 1998

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