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Q: How many of Anthony Mundine's 29 boxing wins have been Knock Outs?
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How many knock outs did Muhammad ali have in his boxing career?

37 wins by ko out of 56 wins from 61 fights

How many knockouts did Jermain Taylor have in his boxing career?

Jermain Taylor's boxing career lasted from 2001 to 2012 with a period of inactivity in 2010. He won thirty-one matches, lost four, and drew one with nineteen knock-outs in this period.

When was Rahzel's Greatest Knock Outs created?

Rahzel's Greatest Knock Outs was created on 2003-11-11.

What is David Rodriguez known for?

David Rodriguez is known for being an expert boxer. David Rodriguez has a streak of 32 to 0 wins in boxing. He wins matches with knock outs almost all the time.

Who is bg knocc outs mum?

B.G knock outs um

How many knock outs do mike Tyson have?


Who is BG Knocc Out?

B.G knock outs um

What does pit ko mean in baseball stats?

relief (Pit)cher strike outs I have never seen KO used in baseball. K is typically used for pitching stats meaning Strikeout. KO is an abbreviation used in boxing meaning Knock out

What are the release dates for The Foxxi and Bambi Show - 2008 Knock Outs 3-1?

The Foxxi and Bambi Show - 2008 Knock Outs 3-1 was released on: USA: 8 January 2010

How many first round knock outs does Mike Tyson have?


Was mike Tyson in the UFC?

No. Mike Tyson was not in the UFC. He was a professional boxer whereas UFC hosts mixed martial arts fights. Mike Tyson was a former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion who was known for his first round knock-outs. Tyson has made multiple appearances in the WWE but has not appeared in the UFC

Thers one popular sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until contest ends what is it?

Simple, that sport is boxing. Judges don't reveal scores until the end of a fight if no knock-outs have happened or the fight hasn't been stopped due to excessive injury.

What is the best fighting skill to know wrestling or boxing?

wrestling because in boxing you just punch knock outs no body slaming but in wrestling you learn to defence body slam take someone down in boxing you don't do defence you learn to fight only and don't do take downs in wrestling you defence and fight against some one so they have no chance but to bleed and trust me in wrestling they do knock me iv been a master boxer and a master wrestler and wrestling is better you might not know me but hi im MR T that's my wrestling name I used to be a wwe wrestler and a ubc boxer I got 5 kos and 5 23 wins in wrestling I got 53 wins I did wrestling more.

Why do they put ice on the back of the neck of fighters in the UFC between rounds and after knock outs?

To cool the body down.

How many knockouts did Mike Tyson have?

Mike Tyson has had 44 knock outs in his career. He has had 50 wins and 6 losses in his career as well.

Most knock outs in a career?

archie moore

How many knock outs does cro cop have with his left kick?

in total with both legs 155 and with the left leg probably around 120

How many times can a person get knocked out in their life?

the averange person has about 4 knock outs in their life time un less they are a boxer or a street fighter :)

Do tna knock outs smoke?

im pretty sure some do but not all i think tara mite smoke and i think daffney dose too

How many knock-outs did Chuck Liddle have in 2009?

None. Chuck Liddle has only fought one offical MMA fight in 2009, and it was a loss to Mauricio Rua.

Which professional boxer had the most fights most wins and most knock outs?

All three? That's an easy answer, Ray Robinson, if you are looking at all three. For "most fights" I think its Harry Greb; he had an insane 400 or so fight reccord, but he had zero punching power. He out pointed pretty much all his guys, and while he beat Dempsey's tormentor Tunney in an exhibition bout I think it was, he didn't knock him out. Far as all three of those things though its Ray Robinson, if you want to combine the three things. His list of knock outs is almost a "who's who" of the welter and middle weight division of his time.

What was Ali's W L D - KO record?

Muhammad Ali had 56 wins, five losses, and zero draws in his career. His record in the ring includes 37 knock outs.

How many knock outs did Mike Tyson have?

Wins: 50(44 ko's)- Losses: 6(5 ko's and one dq.) plus two no contests.

How many knock outs mike Tyson did?

Wins: 50(44 ko's)- Losses: 6(5 ko's and one dq.) plus two no contests.

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