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Q: How many nhl teams never won a Stanley cup in history?
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How many teams have won the Stanley Cup in 8 games?

The Stanley cup finals have only went up to 7 games and never past.

How many teams won the stanley cup?

27 different teams

How many NHL teams have never won the stanley cup?

13 current NHL teams have not won the Stanley Cup, if the Ottawa Senators are counted. The original Ottawa Senators won numerous Stanley Cups, but the newer expansion team has not. If the Ottawa Senators are not counted, then this number falls to 12.

How many Stanley cups were given out to hockey teams?

about 80

How many teams play in the Stanley cup semifinals?


How many teams have not won the St Stanley Cup?


When did the Washington Capitals last win the Stanley Cup?

Actually the US has not won any Stanley Cups as the trophy is not a national award given to national teams of any country. Many NHL teams based in American cities have won the championship, including this year by the Boston Bruins. For a list of US based teams that have won, simply Google "Stanley Cup Winners" and see those cities for yourself!

How many Stanley cups cumulative have Canadian teams won?


How many Stanley cups did the Canadian teams win altogether?

24 of them.

How many Stanley Cups have Minnesota hockey teams played in?


How many teams won the Stanley cup down by 3 in a series?


How many Stanley cups has Czechoslovakia team won?

None. The Stanley Cup was previously awarded to the Canadian hockey champion, and later to the champion of the National Hockey League. It has never been a stake in a competition between national teams from any country.