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Actually, no one has come close. Of those running backs who have scored 15+ touchdowns in a season, the most receiving TDs any one of them had in the same season was 8 by Marshall Faulk of the 2000 St. Louis Rams who had 18 rushing TDs.

Next comes O.J. Simpson of the 1975 Buffalo Bills who had 16 rushing TDs and 7 receiving TDs.

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Q: How many nfl running backs have scored 15 rushing and 15 receiving touchdowns in the same season?
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How many touchdowns has Adrian Peterson scored?

For the last 4 years of pro, he has gotten 52 touchdowns in rushing, and 2 touchdowns by receiving.

How many touchdowns have Brandon Jacobs scored?

48 in total. 45 rushing, 3 receiving.

How any touchdowns did Jerry Rice and Ernie Nevers have in their rookie years?

Rice scored 4 TDs (1 rushing and 3 receiving) and Nevers scored 8 (8 rushing).

Who scored 23 touchdowns in 1975?

That was O.J. Simpson of the Buffalo Bills who scored 16 rushing TDs and 7 receiving TDs in the 1975 season.

How many touchdowns did Hines Ward have between 1999-2007?

Between 1999-2007, Hines Ward scored 66 touchdowns, 65 receiving and 1 rushing.

Who holds second place for the Pittsburgh Steelers all time record for touchdowns scored?

Franco Harris - 100 (91 rushing, 9 receiving)Hines Ward - 81 (80 receiving, 1 rushing)Jerome Bettis - 80 (78 rushing, 2 receiving)

What was the number of touchdowns that Brian Westbrook has scored year by year?

2002- 1 Passing Touchdown2003- 7 Rushing TD's & 4 Receiving TD's2004- 3 Rushing TD's & 6 Receiving TD's2005- 3 Rushing TD's & 4 Receiving TD's2006- 7 Rushing TD's & 4 Receiving TD's2007- 7 Rushing TD's & 5 Receiving TD's2008- 9 Rushing TD's & 5 Receiving TD's2009- 1 Rushing TD & 1 Receiving TD

Who scored 123 TouchDowns rushing in their illustrious career?

Marcus Allen

What Super Bowl quarterbacks have scored rushing touchdowns?

fran tarkington

Who scored two rushing touchdowns for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2005?

Bryon Leftwich

What player in the NFL has the most touchdowns?

Historically, Jerry Rice holds the NFL record for most touchdowns scored with 208. Of active players, LaDainian Tomlinson, as of 10/17/2010, has scored 158 touchdowns, including 143 rushing touchdowns and 15 receiving touchdowns. Randy Moss is a close second among active players with 153 touchdowns as of 10/17/10.

What College running back scored the most TD's in single game?

Since you don't know I will tell you. I 2007 I believe the running back at the University of Delaware scored 7 touchdowns in one game, six rushing and one by reception.