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Q: How many nations will be cmpeting at the game?
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What the latest rise of Nations Game?

the latest rise of nations game is: rise of nations: rise of ledgends

How many countries have participated in common wealth game 2010?

71 nations participated at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

What does the three colored dots mean on trade nations iPod touch game?

I think you are referring to the "magic beans" symbol. Magic beans are the exclusive in game currency for Trade Nations, I won't explain them fully, that's already done in the game. Next to this symbol is should also show how many magic beans you have.

How many tries did brian o'driscoll score in 2010 six nations?

I believe it was ONE - Scored against Scotland on the last game

Are the commonwealth game affiliated with the commonwealth of nations?

Yes, they are.

Who is the founder of the game rise of nations?

Brian Reynolds

What Petroglyph game has the acronym EON?

End of Nations

How many nations are in antarctica?

There are no nations in Antarctica.

How many nations were in the League of Nations?


As of 2001 the United Nations had how many member nations.?

There were 189 member nations

How many nations are there in common wealth of nations?


How many nations are in the Olympics in 2008?

56000 nations