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11, claimed 13, consensus Notre Dame does not recognize 1938 or 1953, although they were consensus champions

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Q: How many national football titles has Notre Dame won?
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Which college has the most national titles in football?

notre dame Princeton also has 17 national titles

Which team has the most national titles in NCAA football history?

Notre Dame - 13

How many national titles does Notre Dame have?

12 titles

How many national titles does the university of Arkansas football program have?

one. in 1964, but co-champions along with Alabama and notre dame.

Notre Dame football roster 1988?

could you find me the roster of the 1988 national champion notre dame?

Who has the most college football national championships?

notre dame

Who has more national titles Michigan or Notre Dame?

Neither. Both have 11.

How many national championships have notre dame won?

The University of Notre Dame has a storied football program. During its existence the school has won 11 national football championships.

Who have the most wins in football teams?

that answer is the Michigan wolverines but the with the most titles in Notre Dame.

Has notre dame ever won a national football championship?

They have won 11 national football championships

When did notore dame when its first national college football championship?

Notre Dame won its first College Football National Championship in 1924.

How many football national championships has Notre Dame won?


Who won the college football national championship in 1946?

Notre Dame

Most national NCAA football Champion ships?

Notre Dame

Who has the most national collage football championships?

Notre Dame With 11

How many national championships does ND have?

Notre Dame has 13 National Championship titles, 11 of which are outright.

How many ncaa football national championships have notre dame won?

Notre Dame has won 11 National Championships the last one coming in 1988

What is the name of Notre Dame's football stadium?

Notre Dame Stadium

When was Notre Dame Football on NBC created?

Notre Dame Football on NBC was created in 1991.

How many times has the Notre Dame football team beaten the USC football team?

The Pittsburge Steelers with 6 titles

What year did Notre Dame beat Alabama for the National Championship in football?


When did notre dame win it's last football national championship?


Who won the 1973 NCAA Football National Championship?


What makes the Notre Dame football team so famous?

Notre Dame is well known for being the Irish football team, and also for the achievments the team has accomplished. Notre Dame has claimed 11 national championships; however, their last was 1988.

What is the duration of Notre Dame Football on NBC?

The duration of Notre Dame Football on NBC is 3.5 hours.