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They have won zero championships.

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Q: How many national championships has the Oregon Ducks won in football?
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How many football national championships do the Oregon ducks have?


How many national championships have the Ore gen ducks won in football?

Oregon has never won a National Championship.

Who has won more national championships the university of Oregon or university of Washington?

Referring to football, the Oregon Ducks have one zero national championships, as the Washington Huskies have won 3.

When was Oregon Ducks football created?

Oregon Ducks football was created in 1894.

Did auburn university win a national title in football?

Yes, they have won 2 national championships in college football. The most recent one was in 2010 season when they beat the Oregon Ducks 22-19 at the helm of Cam Newton.

How many national championships have the oregon ducks won?

None. They played for the national championship last year but lost to Auburn (22-19).

Who is the best football team in Oregon?

Oregon ducks

What is the state football team for Oregon?


What is the Oregon football team?

The Oregon Football Team is an intercollegiate football team. They are otherwise known as the Oregon Ducks, and represent the University of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest.

Who are the best college football teams?

Oregon ducks

What football conference are the Oregon Ducks in?

The Pac 12.

Are the Oregon ducks a college football team?

Yes. The Oregon Ducks are a member of the Pacific-10 (Pac-10) conference.

Will NCAA football 2010 have the Oregon ducks new uniforms?

Yes they will.. Go ducks!!

Did Oregon Ducks Football Team win Yesterday?


What is the best rushing NCAA football team?


What football team plays at Autzen Stadium?

Oregon ducks

What do the feathers on the Oregon ducks football jersey mean?


Who wears number 24 for the Oregon ducks football?


What college football teams are sponsored by Nike?

Oregon Ducks

Who is the head coach of the Oregon Ducks football team?

Chip Kelly is the Head coach of the Ducks.

When did the Oregon ducks football last win a national championship?

Oregon has never been recognized as a national champion by any "major" selector (AP, Coaches' Poll/ESPN/USAToday/UPI, or the BCS).

Who is winning the BCS National Championship?


Who is the best pac 10 college football team?

The Oregon Ducks.

What is Oregon ducks record vs Alabama?

Through the 2010 season, Oregon and Alabama have not met in football.

What has the author Brian Libby written?

Brian Libby has written: 'Tales from the Oregon Ducks sideline' -- subject(s): Oregon Ducks (Football team), History