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How many national championships has University of Alabama Won in football

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Q: How many national championships has Al won?
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How many AL championships have the New York Yankees won?

The Yankees won 40 American League pennants.

How many championships have the New York Yankees won over time?

27 World Series championships and 40 AL pennants through the 2010 season.

What college team has won the most national championship of all time?

I think the University of Alabama in Tuscalusa, Al still holds the record of 14 National championships. They haven't won it in a long time though so someone may have taken the record from them.

How many championships has the Milwaukee Brewers won?

The Milwaukee Brewers baseball club has not won a world series as of the 2008 season. They won the AL pennant in 1982, but they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in 7 games in the world series.

Who won the Qatar National Rally 2011?

Ali Al shawi

What soccer team has the most championships won in the world?

i think its the Egyptian team Al-Ahly SC winning 122 titles in its history

How many Grammies has Weird Al won?

Weird Al has Currently won 3. Of January 10, 2010. Although he has been nominated many times, he has only won 3.

Has the national league baseball ever won a all-star game?

Yes, the National League won the 2010 All-Star Game and has won a total of 41 times to the American League's 38 (though the AL won every year from 1996-2009).

Who has won more World Series Al or nl?

American LeagueThe American League has won 61 World Series titles the National League 43.

How many Grammy's has Al Pacino won?

Pacino has not won any Grammy's, which are awarded to musicians. He has, however, won an Oscar.

How many syllables are in the word national?

The word national has three syllables. (Na-tion-al)

Are there any celebrities from Qatar?

Well, there are no international Qatari celebrities, but there are some popular people who have big fans in qatar, and those are 1- Ali Abdulsatar, who has been the best Qatari singer 2- Mobarak Mustafa, who is a retired footballer (soccer player), he has been considered as the best Qatari footballer in the history. Mobarak Mustafa won the 2 gulf cups with Qatar's national team on 1992 and 2004, Mobarak also won many national championships with Al-arabi Football Club.

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